Firstly, in order not to repay your debts to Algerians, find any pretext, as ludicrous as a fan’s stroke, to attack and invade Algeria, and make sure to vanquish militarily to set your own rules. Sign treaties for a fake short military occupation that will respect indigenous life, assets, religion and traditions. Then apply your own hidden plans with barbaric force to steal treasures and take over the land to finally… colonize it.  But, before you bring starving colons from the land of France and Europe to the wealthy lands of Algeria, you have to cleanse it from its legitimate Algerian owners; erase every little trace of their presence, of their existence.

Command your army to devastate their beautiful villages; burn to ashes their houses; destroy their fruit orchards; burn their crops and their cattle; massacre whoever dare resist, including women and children. Imprison resistance leaders in le chateau d’Amboise…or in a remote pacific island. If some of them hide in caves and refuse to surrender…do not waste your time negotiating; carry loads of faggots and smoke them out…to death…in their cave…all of them… women and babies alike. Be merciless to be the winner… Burry deep the dead corpses; confiscate their lands; force the weak survivors away from their land until they become beggars or accept to work as serfs on the land of their ancestors … Then, you can claim loudly that this land was a barren desert before you came… that the few indigenous you met were savages who didn’t know how to grow oranges… and that you worked hard to turn this desert land into… a flourishing paradise.

Secondly, order your illiterate soldiers to burn the indigenous’ mosques, schools and books;  persecute their teachers and learned ones, make them forget how to write and read the language of their parents … let them forget who they are, let them think that they were nobody before you came…Teach them… ignorance. Later on, you can teach to a chosen few, your language …le français… to help them read in your books, the glorious history of la France…, then you can claim loudly that the native people were ignorant savages, and that it is thanks to you that they learned how to write and read…Thanks to you, they tasted the benefits of French civilization…brought on your soldier’s bayonet and rifles.

Years later, when you will celebrate your victory on the Nazism, achieved with the sacrifice of thousands of Algerian soldiers (while some of your officers were collaborating with the enemy of Europe)… forget the promises you made and deny them the right for their own liberty… Kill thousands of them who will dare ask for it in demonstrations on the land of Algeria …Use your airplanes and boats to bomb their villages to subdue them…then you can call this dirty massacre of a disarmed population …a pacification war.

If their offspring refuse the pacification terms and still want to resist and fight for independence… burn them all in their mountains with napalm… call their freedom fighters terrorists and drag them to “la guillotine”…teach your soldiers the artful use of torture to crush their insurgency…and to avoid international condemnation, call this war a mere domestic “events” and your barbaric counter-insurgency … “law and order” operation.

Write this indecent stupid story in your history books…teach it in public French schools to shamelessly glorify the deeds of your bloody-minded military officers  Bugeaud, St Arnaud, Pelissier, Bigeard, Massu, Aussares…cover them with medals and talk about them as national heroes …to carefully hide the hideous face of colonial france.

Tell this story again and again… until you believe it …until everybody believes it in France…in the world and  even in…the francophone postcolonial …Algeria.