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…fulfill it, or betray it!

What is the mission of my generation…in postcolonial Algeria?

Are we fulfilling it? Or are we betraying it?

In the relative obscurity of postcolonial Algeria, answering this question for my generation is of the utmost importance …especially in those times when the world is experiencing geographical reshaping …casting neocolonial threats on the future of Algeria. Continue reading “…fulfill it, or betray it!”

Le néo-colonisé et la langue…

Le peuple colonisé est « …tout peuple au sein duquel a pris naissance un complexe d’infériorité, du fait de la mise au tombeau de l’originalité culturelle locale » Frantz Fanon

Je me suis toujours demandée d’où vient cette haine pour la langue arabe que je ressens dans l’écrit et le parler de certains Algériens. Pourquoi certains de mes compatriotes francophones, pour ne pas dire francophiles, détestent tant la langue arabe au profit de la langue française ? Continue reading “Le néo-colonisé et la langue…”

Colonization à la française…

Firstly, in order not to repay your debts to Algerians, find any pretext, as ludicrous as a fan’s stroke, to attack and invade Algeria, and make sure to vanquish militarily to set your own rules. Sign treaties for a fake short military occupation that will respect indigenous life, assets, religion and traditions. Then apply your own hidden plans with barbaric force to steal treasures and take over the land to finally… colonize it.  But, before you bring starving colons from the land of France and Europe to the wealthy lands of Algeria, you have to cleanse it from its legitimate Algerian owners; erase every little trace of their presence, of their existence. Continue reading “Colonization à la française…”

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