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Can the Algerian speak?

This thread on Twitter is a good example of the paternalistic eurocentrism frequently expressed by some European scholars who specialises in African issues. The Scholar judged, in his tweet, a post made by an Algerian citizen comparing French colonialists, who massacred civilians in the 8th of May 1945, to Nazis.

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Transition, now and then. Why I did vote in the presidential elections …

Transition … In my memory, this word is still wrapped in a tale of trauma, fear and pain.

I was born in Algiers in the seventies. Algeria then, was a peaceful place to live in. My Algeria was a sovereign country still proud of its revolution against colonial france… We used to respect the memory of our martyrs, our leader and our army…

But everything changed in 1988 when spontaneous demonstrations rocked the mundane life of Algiers. Protests calling for regime change soon turned into violent riots. The president called the army to restore peace. And the army of General Nezzar came in. Heavy tanks invaded the white city of Algiers. On every plaza, rifles were aiming at protesters … ready to shoot. Hundreds of young Algerians were killed; others were arrested and tortured. Peace was finally restored.

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What lies behind european parliament resolution on freedoms in Algeria?

The European parliament adopted a resolution on the situation of freedoms in Algeria. The French MP Raphaël Glucksman “BHL junior” announced the resolution in his tweet account boasting his support for the hirak against the government of Algeria.

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The fall of a general …

Finally the nightmare is over.

The monster, the general who reigned over algerian secret services for 25 years has finally been arrested. God! Such a relief to see him jailed, finally jailed behind walls and bars, like a dangerous animal locked away from us and from our life… so he can’t harm anybody… anymore…

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Algeria and the Hash tag Revolutionaries

Drums of war are beating in North Africa, echoing endlessly in the ever expanding social media virtual world. They won’t stop, heralding the coming Arab spring to the land of Algeria. Facebooked, shared, retweeted…again and again. Change is coming, change is possible. Just pin the hash tag on your country’s name and join the revolution game. Every Friday, a new challenge to attain. Every Friday, new funny selfies to share. Join the crowd gathered spontaneously and shout the loudest you can “we- want- the- end- of- the- regime” and it will happen!…Your country’s regime will fall like a… domino …instantly and spontaneously.

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The independence of the colonisés

Today we celebrate the 56th anniversary of the independence of Algeria from French colonization that lasted 132 years from 1830 to 1962.

Yes the achievement and sacrifice are worthy of a celebration and we have to be proud of. Algerian flags are unfurled on our highest landmarks. French colons and pieds-noirs have been booted out from our lands. We enjoy living in the colonial European cities they built on our lands…and that used to be forbidden to our people. Yes, it is worthy celebrating.

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The racist cartoon and the old Kabyl myth in post-colonial Algeria

They say : “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but …

Capture Racism Ainouche

This cartoon, published by the Algerian cartoonist Ghilas Ainouche from TSA (Tout sur l’Algérie, online francophone newspaper), shamefully depicts racist stereotypes and revives the old colonial Kabyl myth in postcolonial Algeria… Astonishingly, this cartoon did not draw any criticism in Algeria ; neither officials nor intellectuals reacted to this racist caricature.

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Political bankruptcy – Why Algerians don’t vote…anymore

Legislative elections held last 4th of May in Algeria were supposed to be important and crucial according to the prevailing troubled geopolitical and national context. These elections came after Algeria has witnessed major institutional changes, such as the disbanding of the DRS in 2013 and the amendment of the new constitution lately this year ; as they also precedes the presidential elections planned for 2019. Yet, these elections brought nothing new and turned out to be the same old political carnival…

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Kaplan’s “Algeria’s new imprint”…an old colonial vision of Algeria

My response to the Nation article.

Alice Kaplan’s “Algeria’s new imprint” article published in the Nation, and sadly celebrated and shared by the Francophile Algerians, exemplify the old colonial tale which value the subalterns’ ideas only when they fit the so called universal western norms of thoughts.

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