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The fall of a general …

Finally the nightmare is over.

The monster, the general who reigned over algerian secret services for 25 years has finally been arrested. God! Such a relief to see him jailed, finally jailed behind walls and bars, like a dangerous animal locked away from us and from our life… so he can’t harm anybody… anymore…

Such a relief … Continue reading “The fall of a general …”

Selective empathy of the West

The world is horrified : another terrorist attack hit the West in the heart of Europe. Explosions shook the airport and a subway station in Brussels. As usual, when the victims are westerners, a full coverage of the event is broadcasted on global TV channels. The terrorist attack and the victims would make the headlines for long time to properly display due outrage and empathy from all over the world. As usual, there would be no TV coverage for the victims of terrorism from the Rest of the world : Iraq, Mali, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen…

In our sad world, a victim from the West doesn’t equate a subaltern victim from the Rest… Continue reading “Selective empathy of the West”

Le terrorisme des guerres masquées…

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself…you will succumb in every battle.”  ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

De nouveaux attentats terroristes ont endeuillé Beyrouth, Paris, Bamako, Tunis… La terreur s’est propagée dans le monde réel … et virtuel. L’Occident dénonce et accuse la multinationale terroriste DAESH (qu’il qualifie à tort de groupe Islamique). L’occident déclare la guerre au terrorisme … mais en même temps l’Occident, ou plus précisément l’OTAN, protège DAESH des frappes Russes. Cette situation incompréhensible soulève bien des questions et ne se suffit plus des explications conformistes des médias “mainstream”…Elle nécessite, plus que jamais, une nouvelle grille de lecture qui questionne le terrorisme sous un autre angle.

C’est justement ce que propose le Prof. Daniel Ganser dans sa conférence intitulée la stratégie masquée des guerres. Continue reading “Le terrorisme des guerres masquées…”

Understanding the 1990s collective trauma!

“Only a CRISIS actual or perceived produces real CHANGE” M. Friedman

Every Algerian citizen should watch this video…especially those of my generation who survived collective trauma… the sacrified generation of the 90s.

“This is the secret history of the free market. It was not born in freedom and democracy it was born in shock.” N. Klein Continue reading “Understanding the 1990s collective trauma!”

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