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The independence of the colonisés

Today we celebrate the 56th anniversary of the independence of Algeria from French colonization that lasted 132 years from 1830 to 1962.

Yes the achievement and sacrifice are worthy of a celebration and we have to be proud of. Algerian flags are unfurled on our highest landmarks. French colons and pieds-noirs have been booted out from our lands. We enjoy living in the colonial European cities they built on our lands…and that used to be forbidden to our people. Yes, it is worthy celebrating.

But … are we still independent? Continue reading “The independence of the colonisés”

La France des lumières’ trophy heads…of shame.

In Paris, in the city of light, nearby the Great mosque…in the prestigious Muséum National d’Histoire Naturel…in the darkness of the basement, are held in captivity, the tormented remains of Algerian heroes. Their skulls, hidden in old boxes tagged and stored like mere objects, are waiting for more than a century to be freed and repatriated to Algeria.

Photo credits Ali Farid Belkadi
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Horace Vernet’s paintings through Algerian eyes

I live in Dzair, the city known as Algiers, capital of Algeria. My city is a mosaic of districts and streets dating back to medieval as well as to french colonization era; exposing different architecture styles. Through its straight, narrow or winding streets, and through its closed or opened old facades, the city keeps telling the tormented story of its inhabitants – past and present.

Downtown Algiers belongs to what used to be called the European city. The colonial city built during French colonisation of Algeria ; built by the french colons, for the, now-gone, “pieds noirs”. Back then, streets were named after renowned Frenchmen. I never paid attention to the original names of those streets before, since, after independence, they have been replaced by Algerian names. But sometimes, the old names reappear on old maps or in unforgotten memories of old pied-noir. Horace Vernet is one of those streets. Continue reading “Horace Vernet’s paintings through Algerian eyes”

Book review : Larbi BenMhidi l’homme des grands rendez-vous

“Larbi Ben Mhidi l’homme des grands rendez-vous” is a book, dedicated to the national hero and  martyr Mohamed Larbi BenMhidi (1923–1957). Written by his friend El Hachemi Trodi, the book is more a testimony by one of his friends than a historical one. It narrates the life of the man behind the legend. How, all his being – mind, body and soul-  was dedicated to one goal : the independence of Algeria. Continue reading “Book review : Larbi BenMhidi l’homme des grands rendez-vous”

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