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The language dilemma in postcolonial Algeria

A live streaming video published by a primary school teacher on facebook sparked a big controversy in Algeria, lately. The video showed a young teacher of arabic in her classroom surrounded by her pupils asking them questions on moral values. The teacher praised arabic language, and reminded the children to speak only in arabic. Continue reading “The language dilemma in postcolonial Algeria”

The Derja neocolonial project …and the useful francophone idiots.

In Algeria, the Minister of national education doesn’t speak Arabic :  the national and official language of Algeria. Yes,  it is unbelievable. Mrs Benghabrit, is a francophone who cannot speak correctly arabic, and who admits on TV that she would not make any effort to learn it because… she has no time. This unbelievable and grotesque situation speaks volume and reflects perfectly the power of the francophone lobby who hijacked the education board in Algeria.
Continue reading “The Derja neocolonial project …and the useful francophone idiots.”

…من اليمين إلى اليسار

أبحث عنها … فأجدها في جذوري…
على لسان أبي… لسان أمي…
في زينة الأقوال… في حكمة الأجداد …
في الأمثال الشعبية التي تروي كل الدنيا…
فتختصر مرٌها و حلوها…في بضع كلمات ذهبية..
..من اليمين إلى اليسار Continue reading “…من اليمين إلى اليسار”

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