The European parliament adopted a resolution on the situation of freedoms in Algeria. The French MP Raphaël Glucksman “BHL junior” announced the resolution in his tweet account boasting his support for the hirak against the government of Algeria.

Whoever knows who is R. Glucksman the famous French “colored revolution” boy and his support for the not so peaceful revolution in Ukraine may easily guess the reasons behind such support.

Whoever knows who are Algerians, we, the proud people who cherish with fierce jealousy the independence and sovereignty of our country… would easily guess that we, frankly, don’t give a damn about Glucksman and European parliament’s resolution.

But, why is Glucksman’s Europe supporting the hirak of Algiers ? Do they see the hirak as another colored / arabspring revolution staged to serve france and Europe’s interests ?

Indeed, last February, everything started, like in an “arab spring”’s tale…
Spontaneous peaceful mass protests hit the streets of major Algerian cities calling for the president Bouteflika to resign and for a total regime change.
But, then after several months of demonstrations, it didn’t turn out like another arab spring… There were no violence, no snipers on buildings rooftops, no shooting, no blood in the streets, no chaos, no Open Society monitored transition, no daesh, no civil war…. And no gold and money for European and Western banksters to steal …

Surprisingly, instead of riots and mass protests cracked down by brutal military, it is actually the army who forced the president to resign. And as in a domino effect, the fall of the president triggered an unprecedented purge of the old regime corrupted politicians and oligarchs. Powerful, untouchable officials known to be close to foreign powers, such as the prime Minsiter Ouyahia and businessmen Rebrab, were sent to prison. The purge has also reached high rank army officials such as General Toufik who served for 20 years as the head of the intelligence services DRS and who is now in jail.

The magnitude of this change and purge is so huge and unprecedented in the history of the country that it can only be compared to the independence of Algeria in 1962.
Yet, despite this epic purge, part of the protesters remain demonstrating mainly in the streets of Algiers calling, this time, for the removal of the General chief, head of the army… The same army which sided with the people’s demands in last February, refused to use force to crack down rallies and made possible the purge and imprisonment of officials and oligarchs close to foreign powers interests.

Clearly, if the Algerian army, hopefuly, didn’t play the role expected to be played by her in an arab/color spring revolution’s scenarios, the hirak of Algiers, unfortunately, did play its role perfectly as it is now calling for foreign interference. We understand now, the reasons behind Glucksman’s Europe resolution supporting the hirak of Algiers lead by the local colonisés.

But … according to the statement of the Minsitry of foreign affairs, Algeria :

condemns and rejects “in substance and form” the European Parliament’s “blatant” interference in its internal affairs and reserves the right to conduct an overall assessment of its relations with all the European institution

Europe must understand that Algeria is no longer a subaltern country at the periphery of France… nor of Europe.