Finally the nightmare is over.

The monster, the general who reigned over algerian secret services for 25 years has finally been arrested. God! Such a relief to see him jailed, finally jailed behind walls and bars, like a dangerous animal locked away from us and from our life… so he can’t harm anybody… anymore…

Such a relief …
This monster ruined our life, the life of my generation who endured the bloody 1990s years of terror. We were such a beautiful well educated generation. We genuinely loved our country and were ready to build a beautiful Algeria with our brains and with our hands, honestly and patiently…but he and his monsters ruined everything. He simply destroyed us, terrorised us, and crushed us so we gave up all our rights and dreams … out of fear.

This man was our Pinochet, Videla, Darth Vador… all in a bundle. A dangerous psychopath who enjoyed calling himself God of Algeria, while he was just a merciless Satan.

Now he is finally immured as any criminal, time has come for our collective trauma and fears to wear off … for our wounds to heal … and for our tears to dry…

… for a decolonized Algeria… to rise !

الحمد لله رب العالمين

Whoever made it possible … God bless you.