Kamel Daoud is an Algerian writer. Even though we share the same nationality, we definitely don’t belong to the same Algeria. Daoud belongs to a minority of Algerian intellectuals, mainly francophile, who adopt western (not to say french) values: modernity, secularism, individualism, liberalism ; and  who vehemently reject their people’s traditional values inherited from Arab-Muslim civilization. His writings, welcomed and celebrated in France, reflect perfectly his beliefs as they are always filled with his zealous Islamphobe and Arabophobe opinions.

His last New York Times op-ed  “The Sexual Misery of the Arab World”, is a masterpiece of a condescending neo-colonial writing dedicated to demonizing Arabs’ culture and values.

Firstly, Daoud reminds us that revolution for Arabs doesn’t mean modernity – He means western modernity of course.  According to him, in order to access modernity, Arabs should revolutionize their culture, religion and social norms, especially the one related to sex to fit the western “universal” norms.

Secondly, to elaborate his thesis, the writer dangerously jumps into the Cologne’s attacks to expose, the “sick relationship with women” qualified as “one of the great miseries” of the Arab world. He goes on in his diatribe borrowing from islamophobe and feminist confused rhetoric mixing categories from women virginity and burkini to suicide bombers. For Daoud “sex is a complex taboo” in the Arab world, where society is controlled by backward values “conservatism, puritanism and patriarchal culture”.

At last, addressing Europeans and feeding the anti-Islam anti-Arab ongoing propaganda, Daoud warns the West from this Arab sickness that is spreading dangerously in the Western lands.

How brave is this Algerian writer…

Brave Daoud would never denounce the sexual misery of the West: the pedophile French soldiers serving in UN troops in Africa forcing children into sex ….for food ; women and children sex trafficking along with the flourishing shameful pornographic industry in the West. No, brave Daoud would only target his people : the Arab, the Muslim …the usual easy target…

Daoud is not a western orientalist intellectual. He is the Arab who rejects his own society’s cultural values to adopt the colonizer’s ones. By doing so, he acts as le “colonisé” depicted by Frantz Fanon : a culturally colonized Algerian intellectual seeking desperately to look like his master western colonizer.

Each time he writes, Daoud puts on his white modern and secular mask to demonize his people and look like the West…to win recognition from the West, win more awards, and be published… in the New York Times.