“Only a CRISIS actual or perceived produces real CHANGE” M. Friedman

Every Algerian citizen should watch this video…especially those of my generation who survived collective trauma… the sacrified generation of the 90s.

“This is the secret history of the free market. It was not born in freedom and democracy it was born in shock.” N. Klein

In this video, Naomi Klein exposes the idea of shock :

“Remaking people, shocking them into obedience”

She explains how the CIA has developed techniques to break down prisoners using shock in order to reduce them to childlike state.

She argues that :

…these techniques don’t only work on individuals. They can work on whole societies. A collective trauma, a war, a coup, a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, put us all into a state of shock…And in the aftermath, like the prisoner in an interrogation chamber we too become childlike…more  inclined to follow leaders who claim… to protect us!.

These techniques are also used in economy:

..Unable to advance their agenda democratically, Friedman and his disciples were drawn to the power of shock…He advised politicians that immediately after a crisis, they should push through all the painful policies at once, before people could regain their footing. He called this method: economic shock treatment. I call it the shock doctrine.

At the end of the video, Naomi Klein reminds us :

“Shock wears off… it is, by definition, a temporary state and the best way to stay oriented,  to resist shock is to know what is happening to you and… why?” 

In Algeria, during the 1990s we had a coup, a war, horrendous terrorist attacks allong with the IMF economic shock treatment … We suffered all these shocks…all at once… the 1990s collective trauma!

Time to ask and understand… WHY?