What is the mission of my generation…in postcolonial Algeria?

Are we fulfilling it? Or are we betraying it?

In the relative obscurity of postcolonial Algeria, answering this question for my generation is of the utmost importance …especially in those times when the world is experiencing geographical reshaping …casting neocolonial threats on the future of Algeria.

The mission of my generation cannot be separated from the mission of past generations : resist colonialism and liberate Algeria from french colonization…Hence, our mission has to be thought according to their mission … fulfill and complete the decolonization of Algeria.

“Algeria was subjected to one of the most drastic forms of cultural colonialism. From its conquest in 1830 to its independence (but not “liberation,” despite the name of the won war), Algeria has been the object of massive writings about virtually every aspect and about its smallest parts as well as its surroundings and its past—Punic, Greek, Roman, Arab, Turkish, and, of course, French. (…)The point here is that for a student of Algeria to know, to read, to understand anything about Algeria, he or she cannot possibly do so without French colonial scholarship. Furthermore, because of the unique prestige of French scholarship by the first half of the 20th century, and because of the close cultural dependency of Algerian nationalist writings, it is extremely difficult to write about Algeria without reproducing colonial understandings, categories and so forth. This is what one calls postcoloniality. It is not beyond coloniality, but it is a cultural condition that is historically, politically and even epistemologically the result of coloniality.” (Hannoum A. in Writing Algeria: On the History and Culture of Colonialism, 2010)

In postcolonial Algeria, there is no other mission for our generation but to struggle to liberate Algeria from cultural colonialism…decolonize colonial scholarship from the system of meaning and categories inherited by french colonialism…challenge the colonial narrative, deconstruct it and debunk its falsity to finally decolonize the mind and heart of Algeria.

There is no other mission…

we either fulfill it …or betray it!

BintJezeyer بنت الجزائر